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no i don't
same qustion comes on mind
why are they comapring two peugeot's??????

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Ad works but I think the point about them using one of their own models as comparison is a valid one. Not great business sense, strictly speaking.

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It's great ad/ but I think the photoshoot is not perfect especially the blury area on the bike man

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Ivan, I love you man.. You are great to come with those ads and this website..
I love you man

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I love you guys too! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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Khalid Munshi
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Its a great Idea & Also Funny. Why Do some guys are taking it so literally ?

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good product demonstration..strate to the point.well done.

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No fixed abode
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The benefit of the sliding doors is not that they will turn heads. This is just a slapstick gag. And that old lady is going to get way more nailed than the biker will

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Arnold of Boston did a very similar ad with the VW Jetta.

Enery-absorbing side impact doors.

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i was gonna say davidtwen..but touche' though 'cause VW jetta can't slide.. x__X

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would be a good ad using just a car...i think.

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