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john ler
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Who gives a f*** ?

The sleeping beauty would still be asleep? So what?

Maybe if I lived in a fairy tale, I would consider quitting tobacco. But unfortunately, my life is real...

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Crisp One
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who is the audience? 5 year old children?

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may be this ad is meant for kids... meanwhile for us smokers its business as usual.

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The concept is too weak to warrant such beautiful collages. Pity.

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not strong message at all.. and... the story is wrong.. it should be the prince there.. not the godfairy... the prince wake her up with a kiss.. :S

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weak! i hate the art direction!!! too many things and too crowded!

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Frits Harkema
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Sleeping beauty in an ad? Very innovative.

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clear and nice....i like it!

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Art direction is mediocre at best. Too many textures; my eyes goes all over the place. Concept wise it's also a mess. Is Sleeping Beauty dead? Who's your demographic? Kinda tragic for kids, kinda stupid for grown ups.


I think, therefore... yeah.

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