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he took the medicine... the sleep formula.. then he took off his glasses, put it on the side.. then he reached for the alarm clock, he was about to set the alarm... and because the medicine worked so quickly, he fell asleep even before he set the alarm clock.

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This could have been done better - perhaps by showing the man falling asleep on his way to bed, say, while he was cleaning his teeth.

Could have used the line: "Works so fast, make sure you're in bed before you take it." Or something.

Sadly, it needs some copy on this to make it work.


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I agree. Instead of the alarm clock he could have held the jar. Now that's fast.

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yeah same here. perhaps he could be screwing the lid back on while falling asleep? ;)

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Maybe if he slept before he take the tablets... That would be the fastest... :)

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i think if he was on his way to the bed, it would look like the stuff killed him... but since we are supposed to read a story in his pose, the photography could be better... but it's pretty funny

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This ad is really funny. And I think people won't miss the product. The bottle is right on your face! This ad is one of those ads which gives you a 2 second confusion....then you figure out the message and smile/laugh.
"showing the man falling asleep on his way to bed, say, while he was cleaning his teeth." ... I donno if anyone takes a sleeping pill before brushing the teeth!!! People usually takes pill when they can't sleep/want to sleep.
"Instead of the alarm clock he could have held the jar"...this is kinda interesting..making the effect even faster..hmmm.
But this ad is coool..and funnny and I think everything in this ad is fine. The guy in the ad is perfect.
Like it a lot. :-)

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I actually like this one & I hate everything. I love how they didn't force a logo in there

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I like how they set up the story. The graininess, the light in his eye. It looks real to me. I agree that the pills in the hand would have screamed suicide. And definitely no copy. It might take some people a second, but the payoff is well worth it.

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