SKY: Swingball

Advertising Agency: DDB New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot
Art Director: Gavin Siakimotu
Head of Art: Mike Davison
Designer: Cliff Li
Retoucher: Gordon Moir
Copywriter: Paul Hankinson
3D Artists: David Partridge, Ben McGrall, Ben Parry
Account Director: Danielle Richards

March, 2009


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Guest Commentator
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this is not as good as the other two's art

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john doe
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the art direction is absolutely awesome.
in all of them.

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You mean the 3d visualization is awesome. The art directors did pretty much nothing in the visual. They just came up with the idea.

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“just came up with the idea“ ? Isn`t it enought?

Im sure you are not an art director, cuz if you were, you`d know that besides the idea, we have to plan scenary, situations, light, angle... The illustrators can help doing it, but we must give`em a direction of art.

You are wrong.


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very beautiful. But what is the idea?
That it will be a boring afternoon?

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So your mouth is a drain. Is mouthwash next in the series??? This ad is wrong on so many levels.

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wrong ad dude.

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It's very funny, but I hope the movie is less boring than this child game they're playing! :-) / Facebook : Joelapompe / Twitter : joelapompe

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I like.

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so you needed 3 Sujets to work out no idea

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What's Aliens v Predator?

If they are screening the old Alien movies, then taking the mickey is a bad strategy. Alien fans and Predator geeks take their fav flicks seriously. These ads belitte what's close to their heart.

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Three really cool print adverts for one really terrible film. I'm struggling with believability issues here...

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Looks great. But i like this better:

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