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Hehehe, cool, but when looked up close, something isn't right in art direction... as if they were just randomly put there together... some characters are not arranged properly like others... but still cool

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Charlie Pratt
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I love the idea. Not keen on the layout of the copy, though. Seems like "An Epic December" should be thematic. Everyone knows it's Sky Sports because of the logo at the bottom. Oh yeah, and the hundred or so Premiership footballers, too. I think the graphics could have benefitted greatly from a more well-constructed headline.


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love it too. but the bright of gerrard is horrible.

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I think some toning is needed to bring it all under one light - I agree Gerrard looks too shiny compared to the others. Plus the typesetting at the bottom is too much of a distraction.

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clap clap clap, very good!!!! This concept is fresh and original... "epic" with sports.
Still, I'm with the guys who arte talking about the art direction.
If you're able to put all the photos looking like just one photo, BANG, the award is there.
Because it looks a little like a collage right now.
And definitely, take all the copy out, it's not necessary to know event by event; for that people can use tv guides.

Anyway, kudos, the idea is really great!

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What does michael shumacher do there?
He retired last year, right?

But this is good anyway.

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