SKY Satellite TV: Pinocchio

Only the safest program for your kids.

Thanks to the parental control button, you can check on your kids' programs.

Advertising Agency: 1861United Milano Italy
Executive Creative Directors: Pino Rozzi, Roberto Battaglia
Creative Directors: Peppe Cirillo
Art Director: Peppe Cirillo
Copywriter: Vincenzo Celli
Photographer: Andrea Melcangi
Published: April 2008


espi72's picture
75 pencils

a excepcion por el golpe de sombra que es demasiado fuerte en la cara de pinocho, buena

BFB's picture
936 pencils

This one is by far the best one of the lot. It's the same idea three times. The guard could at least do something different in every ad, Like frisk them. Anything beyond this is forced right now

matks's picture
476 pencils

The best of all three.

monicamexico's picture
830 pencils

The same exact idea three times doesn't make it a campaign.

brain123's picture
830 pencils

Would have been nice to see Little Red Riding Hood emptying her pockets while her basket is run through the X-Ray...

STRTLRS's picture
1607 pencils

I agree with everyone so far.

I think, therefore... yeah.

fen1x's picture
471 pencils

Brainwashing ad. Tv should show us true. I know its far from the true but it should do it.
Soon we will watch only teletubies and news.

luisrivera11's picture
469 pencils

its the best of the, very good idea

special k's picture
special k
145 pencils


Majewa's picture
18 pencils

Why Pionokio so as the penguin?
Photo for Czukczów can?

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