Sky Satellite tv: Comics, 4

The best comedy movies, only on Sky.

Advertising Agency: Red Cell, Milan, Italy
Art Director: Federico Pepe
Copywriter: Stefania Siani
Creative Directors: Pino Rozzi, Roberto Battaglia
Photographer: Pierpaolo Ferrari


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Really nice idea that you get a 6pack laughing! But was it needed to show pizza, beer or snack to make a point about those people never having seen a gym in their life? That's a bit pushing it.

This one with the baby I don't get. Special comedy channel for babies?

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I agree. Even these objects make you think of the fact that TV makes you fat.
Plus: I think if you see only one creative it is not sure you get the message

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this is damn stupid man..

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it's sky satellite, there are special kids and even baby chanels as far as i know.

about the snacks:
i'm quite sure the majority of sky sat watchers are couch potatoes (not offending anyone!)

sometimes, couch potatoes feel bad. because they've been sitting around and watching tv without having moved since their last trip to the fridge or toilet.
now this is the proof: you don't have to feel bad, just eat and drink what you want & as much as you want. you'll get your sixpack anyway - from laughing. the best and most comfortable way to work out one's potbelly... somewhat the perfect excuse for watching tv all day and night

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Have Heart
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I like it!

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I think its perfect

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if i remember right, this work was shortlisted cannes 2004.

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I think the 6pack on the baby looks ugly

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i do too. but when you look at all the others in this series, they are all pretty ugly looking abs.
too freaky on a baby though.

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honestly, the baby could've been avoided!
i thot til now the channel broadcasted funny movies for adult.
this little baby's gonna laugh at any thing that's gonna amuse him, why this channel necessarily?

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chintan ruparel
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hehehe...i love these

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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I have 3 questions about these ads:

1) Why is an Italian ad in English? ( Perché un'annuncio italiana è in inglese? )

2) If the baby is italian, why doesn't it have a unibrow?

3) Why is the same lady used twice?

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1) for the juries??
2) agree, strange
3) is she? i'm not sure...

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1) Or you say "una pubblicità italiana" or "un'annuncio italiano" but even then, the first option is better because "un'annuncio" is something else.

2) Where are you from? So a silly comment can be made about that.

3) To save budget?

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