SKY: Pixel destruction, Goalkeeper

Goodbye low definition

Advertising Agency: 1861united, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Directors: Pino Rozzi, Roberto Battaglia
Creative Directors: Federico Ghiso, Giorgio Cignoni
Art Director: Aureliano Fontana
Copywriter: Luca Beato
Illustrator: Xchanges
Post Production: German Finko

November 2009


resul ay's picture
resul ay
78 pencils

i want to HD goalkeeper :D... not Football pitch

monsieurange's picture
520 pencils

I like it. Is simple and says what it has to say.

xcreativity's picture
2374 pencils

you get confused seeing it, dont like it.

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Geimima's picture
824 pencils

so so so many sports. why soccer?

life is a playground

the_guest's picture
175 pencils

"soccer", as the Americans call it, is THE sport back here :D

hufflepoff's picture
430 pencils

I like this. But perhaps could have been done in a different way

roel_bogers's picture
84 pencils

Why is there no HD-player with him? It doesn't work like this.

canegiallo's picture
9 pencils

really good

Marlus Lau's picture
Marlus Lau
1808 pencils

It has already been done, I just can't recall who did it.

whatthefudge's picture
1266 pencils

Not as strong as the other two, but good enough. And yes, football is THE sport here in Europe – especially in Italy.

hermotsura's picture
254 pencils

my only complaint is that the goal looks very digital. why didn't they just take a picture of a real one???

Ensamblador's picture
239 pencils

Great idea, but visually landed too short. Maybe the art director is not quite a sports fan. Think it lacks of passion and visual strength.

archiwan's picture
55 pencils

i totally agree with xcreativity...weak presentation and idea.

raajkmr's picture
9 pencils

World's first soccer stadium with spot light :)

dheeraj4uuu's picture
34 pencils

not that much this...but nice idea..

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