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105 pencils

Those crazy Italians and their ads...

Ha-ha's picture
28 pencils

And what would be the news catched in a desert?

Or nothing, desert is only godd location for a picture?

liar's picture
386 pencils

Agree. The place is not relevant at all. come to think of it, it's bad.

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special k
145 pencils

osama? osama in the desert?
osama is in the white house, washington...
ah ah ah ah

no really: probably desert is the worst place where to find news...
so, you have to be very smart to find out one...


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He is Obama :)

muxa's picture
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The idea is not that bad. They only catch news cause they are virtually in everywhere, even in the most unprobaly places.

latotongtatoy's picture
110 pencils

Stale, rehashed news. Fishmarket rapper rocks.

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andrej dwin
937 pencils

soooo bad.
they might have attempted to say they're everywhere, but what did they say is just that they're not where they should be.

*the best skate/snow/surfing videos and pictures.
*updated daily!

AdArena: Sex Sells

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So where exactly "should" they be?
The Idea is to catch the unexpected, by patiently waiting for it to happen and be there first.
That could be anywhere, and the exaggeration is shown by covering every place, even the desert.

-- I can have will, but i don't want to --

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Who is Osama?

lapiezaquefalta, nosotros no reímos.

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I looking, looking, looking....but really I can't get the idea.
I can't beleieve it's olnly the van being in that impossible places. If so, the average vote would be 2.
(btw: that''s my vote)

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joanna gorilla
88 pencils

I'll give it 10 bananas.

ivanshowfine's picture
131 pencils

i want to give my banana to joanna

joanna macaque's picture
joanna macaque
30 pencils

No need. Her calves are full of them.

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Mohammed saeed
17 pencils

I love this place. it is wonderful good luck

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