SKY: Jesus

Dow Jones will rise in the next quarter.
When you have an opinion, are you sure it’s yours?

Sky tg 24’s editorial line has always been based on objectivity. It challenges us to reflect on whether our opinions are really ours or are imposed by the media. This is the concept the campaign is based on a series of people expressing an opinion that is very evidently not their own.

Advertising Agency: 1861 United, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Directors: Pino Rozzi, Roberto Battaglia
Creative Directors: Federico Ghiso, Giorgio Cignoni
Copywriter: Mario Esposito
Art Director: Massimo Verrone
Photographer: Jacopo Benassi
Post Production: Germano Finco

March 2010


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Easy to understand, and it's based on a clear human insight. Nice idea.

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Tommy G.
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Good campaign, true and simple

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Excellent insight, clear execution, great headline.

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