SKY: Epic, 2

Creative Agency: Brothers and Sisters, UK
Executive Creative Director: Andy Fowler
Creative Director: Mark Harris
Digital Art Directors: Mark Harris, Kevin Brown
Art Director / Copywriter: Tom Evans
Digital Designer: James Garnham
Digital Developer: Jon Rowe
Planner: Olly Wicken
Media agency: Mediacom

August 2008


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Those ads looks great on billboards. I saw them few times in Dublin.
People in UK will like it.

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Man, let's leave the bias alone >:(

^^ no pun intended

If it's Chelsea it would've been better. But I guess the person who made this is either 1) ManYoo Fan or 2) Wants to make the 3 ads red and the colours uniformed looking.

Anyway, clichéd looking, but full marks for the effort :P

Hey! there's Habana!

anyway, why's the ad so long? Sky Sports HD? But HD isn't as wide as that... uhh... US letter size full double-page? But it looks like 2:1... whatever.

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They are for billboards only and tv, so thats why they are so wide. I never spot it in other places.
Another thing. They choose man'u players probably because it was part of the deal($).

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