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the pool with the beer looks strange.
but the idea is better then the execution.

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Five drunk guys in a little pool... I don't think so.

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Clever concept, however at first glance looks like disgarded cans in pool, just dont know if it sells booze.
Can we see the all girl party one instead?

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I think that if they were real cans.. they will sink. Doesn't them?

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No. Call your buddies and make the test.

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I think they need to dig another pool where they will go and pee after drinking all this beer.


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What does the line say?

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The line is irrelevant. It´s the slogan of skol beer, an expression that would make no sense in English and has nothing to do with this specific ad.

It´s a cool ad, but I think it´s kinda "too smart". I´d stick to simple ideas to sell beer.

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the lamest thing about this ad is the fact there are only guys in a small pool, inevitably touching each other and the pool as well as the "ice cooler" pool are all square, while SKOL's tagline is all about being ROUND...

I've seen waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better work from F/Nazca S&S done for them...

this one sucks...

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comes off as kind of gay .. not that theres anything wrong with it. but for a beer ad, doesn't work, unless its for schlitz gay. in which case whooooo!

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This just reminds me of how many of them you have to drink to get drunk! There like 2%! I think this is an idea Skol should steer clear of.

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looks like dead fishes, and the other graphical elements like too many cans, etc makes this a little pale. anyway, I think it communicates how much these bunch of guys love their beer (Skol).

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Paruku RabidLeroy
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Phht, really dumb ad...
might be improved with lots and lots of icecubes instead of water in the pool...
yep and throw in a coupla beer bottles.

Try harder, Skol.

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