Skoda: Security

Just like an acrobat can play on the street
But you have to cycle by using your feet
Riding a bike is really fantastic
But if you're not careful the results will be drastic.
Thinking of your child riding his bicycle, Skoda promotes Biciscuola. This school project teaches the rules on how to ride bicycles safely.
And for your child's safety in your car, Skoda offers you ESP on all of its models.

Advertising Agency: Cayenne, Milan, Italy
Copywriter: Evelin Loprete
Art Director: Giorgio Tezza
Creative Directors: Giandomenico Puglisi, Stefano Tumiatti
Illustrators: Giovanni Ballarotti, Marco Marella


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i like the art

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Namo ratna-tray2ya. Nama "ry2valokite0var2ya bodhisattv2ya mah2sattv2ya mah2-k2ru5ik2ya.

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