Skoda: Mascot

You'll never pass by it again.
Skoda Octavia with Satellite Navigation Colombos System.

Advertising Agency: ROAD Barcelona, Spain
Creative Directors: Emilio Lezaun, Xavier Solé
Photographer: Ramón Serrano
Published: April 2008


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Nice idea and execution.

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bad headline

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I don't get it but I want to run that bear thing over, it's so damn cute.
anyone wanna explain this to me?

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When I first saw the visual I got a different take entirely. To me the visual reads like “when you’re done driving its like getting off a ride at a theme park/fair or something. To me it reads like it’s a fun vehicle to drive.

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And the relevance of the bear is...? Maybe it's a Spanish thing.

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The bear is just a way to say that you will never NOT see the door you are looking for. I have worked as a delivery boy, and when you are driving around, very often you have trouble finding the actual number. So its not realy important that its a bear, its just a strong visual object that points at a door.

I like this and the other execution.

They could have gone for a huge red arrow like the ones taht are actualy on the GPS screen, but they choose not to be idiots and did it more fun.

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Viva Honduras !!!

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