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Guys, try attending Adobe classes on Photoshop. It's really worth it! The photography is mild too.

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Idea needs lots of work

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La chica está gigante en relación al auto y creo que le faltó originalidad al concepto, si es que lo hay. *

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As much as I don't get the idea (I hope it's not from that scene from the Titanic movie), I don't think the photoshop is thaaaat bad.

(My opinion)

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If this is not bad, what is? I mean, in order to be posted in Adoftheworld, it must be world class, don't you think?

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i agree with b128 though... i don't think this is such a great campaign/idea, but the image looks nice enough for me... (personal opinion) ok the lighting is a bit off, but other than that... i like the visual
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it looks way unnatural... and the car looks like a watercolor painting...

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I see, only Adobe-approved Photoshop true experts, here...

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horrid photoshop.

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