Skoda: Labyrinth

Skoda Scout with DX Nexus Navigation System.

Advertising Agency: ROAD Barcelona, Spain
Creative Directors: Emilio Lezaun, Xavier Solé
Published: April 2008


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More like the problem than the benefit. This is messy.

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I guess the message is: a labyrinth is not a problem anymore, just pleasure.

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Totally agree.

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where is the start and were is the finish?
looks like, the steets are the walls not the other way round...
this navigation system makes me confused... is that the purpose of the ad?

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this tells me what the problem is but not how skoda solves it. there is no explanation why skoda is "simply clever"...

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they should have written a pay off like: Skoda Scout with DX Nexus Navigation System.
that would make it clear

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Wow wee, you're a good writer. You're hired

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Maybe if the pathway were cleared would this be more effective; This looks like you'll be lost using Skoda.

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It's just an obvious execution.

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Is it a hobby to study ads, just to look for things you could criticize? It's indeed very obvious. There are so many ads that show you the actual problem. It's the product itself which is the solution, needs no more explanation. If you don't get that... well, I think you just don't get it...

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Abra Cadabra
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Sometimes by showing the problem, the solution is obvious. I think that's the case here.

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It sells the category of navigationsystems, not cars and certainly not a Skoda.

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This is a very odd coincidence. We had the same idea for BMW Motorrad, published at the beginning of April,
where a motorbike is the way to escape a city maze.

At the very same time BBH Brazil made a similar ad for a Renault with GPS.

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