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Ney Frances
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and why is that??? do this skoda comes with the plaster? or is it hybrid? Sorry for my stupidity but can someone explain why does a car makes me breath more? The image is nice, thou!

is there life before death?

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me thinks
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I don't get it, either, Anyone else?

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i think it's sth like ECO-FRIENDLY types of car......


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Ney Frances
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hmmmmm! now i really dislike! why do they use animals ?

is there life before death?

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I don't get the connection between the plaster and the breathing thing. Maybe i would if the plaster was on the nostrils. Maybe it's the type of plaster you put on your nose that helps you breath better (don't even know if that exists).
Clearly not clear.

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over here in Canada, we have those plasters to use to help us sleep better at night, especially if you snore. so they do exist, just not everywhere.
I'm undecided about this one.

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Its a standard sports plaster (and it does help u breathE better), but the ad still - SUX.
Italians and English - never working.

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

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Cute dog. Poor ad. It doesn't help that the dog looks really upset to be breathing better

Fail Harder.

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Killer Kowalski
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To be in a jury of a national advertising award in italy, is the worst torture I can think of...

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The nose has gone bad. Try with the ass.

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this is very ... not good

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