Skoda Fabia: Special, 4

Advertising Agency: Law & Kenneth, Mumbai, India
Executive Creative Director: Charles Victor
Creative Director / Art Director: Pritam Shettigar
Copywriter: Rishab Dave
Illustrator: Jabbar Shaikh
Photographer: Gautam Patki
Client Servicing: Jay Mehta
Published: January 2008


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Nice artwork, but I must be missing something in translation here: "Because you're special" is about the worst, most hackneyed and lazy idea I can imagine.

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I totally agree. It is an over-used idea and seen a million times before. But the very cliche has been potrayed beautifully; thanks to the art. It's amazing! And it also is very relevant to the car's domestic market. I love it and I have seen it working.

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conan o brien
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the concept sucks ass and balls.

MAINLY, because the whole "red carpet" execution has been done way too much and is not even that smart to begin with. However, i agree that the art direction is very nice.

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whoever made this ad is special. in a "i ride the short bus to school" kind of way.

but_why's picture
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ha - spot on.

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They should do a vanity plate one with "special" on it.

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"feeling special. standard feature..." lovely copy. right into it...

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This site is taking money to host ads!

That is the only plausable explanation for this travesty of an ad campaign.

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They really are worse than the italians...

Add insult to injury then burn the candle at both ends.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

Rog's picture
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Here comes that curry again... :(

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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really good job, but i think the size of the car is to big compare with the size of the person, that's the only thing...

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These ads are REGULAR run of the mill ads that are released in India. And not reflective of the really good work being done here. The creative team should be ashamed to upload this stuff here.

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the perspective of the picture is completly wrong. that car looks waaaaaayyy to big. look at the tire for example. it is twice as big as the yellow line on the carpet. that left guy's foot is like half a line

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...i spend 2lac for my beta..dekho kaysa ad banata hain.....

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