Skoda: Dog

You'll never pass by it again.
Skoda Octavia with Satellite Navigation Colombos System.

Advertising Agency: ROAD Barcelona, Spain
Creative Directors: Emilio Lezaun, Xavier Solé
Photographer: Ramón Serrano

April 2008


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a bit confusing with the message but showing the odd stuff that makes you stop is a cool approach. I'm just not sure why would an odd thing have to be something weird that's not really associated with directions

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Without navigation it might happen that you pass by your destination without even noticing (especially when all the houses look the same). Here your destination is house n°3 (or 5). The odd object draws your attention at the right moment > you realize you reached the address you were looking for. No such a big fan of the clown (making him aggressive won't draw your attention more when driving by, except when in Spain it's common to see clowns in the street, which I doubt). I prefer the mascot.

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So, you're saying those are (clown, dog, mascot) nothing more than objects simply alerting you that you've just arrived at your destination? (Which I now realize you're right.) Then, I TOTALLY misunderstood the whole campaign!!! Now I understand why they're all pointing at the house (Including the dog here. It's an English "Pointer"!! Duh!)

Read my "clown" ad comment for how I misunderstood these ads...

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still like it.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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i think this is not S-T-U-P-I-D campaing. I think is very different and intelligent point of view. MAYBE STUPID IF YOU DONT GET IT.

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