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The copy is too confused. You start saying "sometimes getting lost is good" and finish "if you lost yuor not so lucky". But i'm lucky if i have a navigation system. Or i'm unlucky becouse in this way i can't find something better. Too much word for saying nothing.

The art director is good but i think is dead in the XVI century.


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"When you get lost, you're not always that lucky."

do you think this is confusing? is linear as hell, lacks creativity, relevance, and impact, but confusing? the message is very clear.

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agree with u... it's very clear... and clever...

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zekin, where is this copy you're talking about? Oh ah eh uuh i see, it's you explaining your interpretation of the ad... a lot more confusing than the ad itself by the way.

"The art director is good but i think is dead in the XVI century", for example, is not a very clear sentence, is it?... (by the way, since when this is a good art direction????)

Never mind, the ad is boring anyway, with or without your comment.

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in my opinion too much words for one simple concept. So this is bad copywriting.

The only art director was the painter not who took that from image bank.

My sentence was for smart people, surely not clear, but was'nt advertising.

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oh... i got it. i surely got it.
thanks for the explanation, surely i would not understand all of this stuff without your help.

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you're welcome.

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The message is clear but the idea its no so diferent.

Jonathan Betancur

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bad bad bad... so forced , if you need to explain the ad, IN THE AD... well so its not an ad

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Stop whining pigs, your psychiatrist will just be in a minute.

Have you taken all your dosages for today?

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hey! it's ok, clear and normally to understand.
columbus get lost but he lucky because he found America, lucky because now he's remembered (be a famous is a kind of lucky)
but may be you won't lucky like him. (anykind of lucky)

In the other hand, it's right as you said. ha ha don't be serious LOVE AND PEACE

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Student work.

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' ... says another student...

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