Skoda: Aida

Skoda. Sponsor of the Aida and the whole Areniano Festival.

Advertising Agency: Cayenne Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Giandomenico Puglisi, Stefano Tumiatti
Art Director: Andrea Gasparotti
Copywriter: Giacomo Sebregondi


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Don't get it

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me neither :|

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the skoda logo is hidden between the hieroglyphics... (for those who didn't get it)

really really bad ad!

doesn't put any value to the brand! hope it wasn't published...

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simply unclever

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yeah, second column. But for me - SG1 :))))

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Perhaps the connection, is that Aida is an opera about an Ethiopian princess that was captured by the Egyptian and made into a slave. The opera was commission by the Khedive, ruler of Egypt in the last half of the 1800s.

Hence the Egyptian connection, in addition to hiding the logo.

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It is so far. Nobody will get the message from this ad.

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Wow! 100% boring!

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Well, I'm happy to say I got it from the first! :)

Maybe because there was a lot of talk of Aida in local press a few years back, thare was some grand scenography, all in the open, bla, bla...

It took me a few seconds to locate the logo but I think it is clever and works quite well considering all thing involved.

The only question is (obviously) how many people in the public would know what Aida is about?


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