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Why is it that when people don't get the meaning of an ad, they say it sucks??? The information it conveys is crystal clear!
If a guy has a big d#*k he should use XL condoms! The gimmick to convey that message is the fact that Scottish guys wearing kilt (supposedly) dont wear underwear.and therefore should have long kilts to cover their d#*k!About the negative comments: it's a simple idea that makes you smile. It is unfortunate that this has been done b4 but to me that simply shows that great minds think alike. Do you think that if people from McCann Athens knew about the previous ad, they would still go and do exactly( or more or less) the same???As for the awards not being a proof of an ad's value and creativity: to all of you guys who have this opinion, i gather you have never submitted one of your ads to any sort of those unworthy, non credible, pointless awards right? if you have, then you are just making a fool out of yourselves..sorry!


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