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Hey Sonucoues,

"Again." That's exactly what I say went I see your posts. "You..... AGAIN!" I've rated your work (as requested), and frankly it's not so good. You're obviously very green. Let me suggest that if you insist on trying to be in this business, for now, you should sit back and do more reading and watching on this site, and avoid posting your opinion. Because based on the work you've posted, I don't think you know a good OR a bad and when you see one. Your work proves you really have no business saying as much as you do around here about the ads on the front page. The nerve of you! Based on your current talent level, you should be embarrassed by some of your comments. Now go read some award annuals, and work on making some better ads. Good Luck to you Sonucoues.

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Thats some feedback right there

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