Skeena: Ecosystems

You're looking at one of the world's most diverse wild salmon ecosystems. So is an oil company.
All five species of wild salmon live in the Skeena. Their presence sustains life well outside its waters. Even our economy benefits, to the tune of $100 million every year. But our progress doesn't have to threaten their numbers. Together, let's welcome development that helps everyone prosper. Learn more at

Advertising Agency: Rethink, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Directors: Ian Grais, Chris Staples
Art Director: Yusong Zhang
Copywriter: Abeer Verma
Producer: Jim Leith
Illustrator: James Hindermeier
Account manager: Tricia Bradshaw

November 2009


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nicely taken ahead. overall nice campaign.

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Not too convincing, but nice looking for sure!

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I like the way the copy was placed. Made sure you don't miss out on the REAL picture. good job

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