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Nice art direction there! But as an advertiser, I wouldn't want to associate my product with these bunch of a**holes!

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This is an interestin 1...which is gonna raise some eyebrows. Da twisted take on da whole thing is done to certainly grab attention quickly.

But wat do u wanna say...dat wer evil rests u rest there too n sleep peacefully through da nite.

Or am I gettin da whole freakin angle wrong here?

Da name Dreamland intrigues me.

Do u dream of a better 2morrow on these mattresses or do u forget 'bout ur miseries with them? Or maybe none of da above.


Enlighten me fellas.

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Bang on puppiepoppy!

This is weird stuff.

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It's meant to get attention like all advertising intends to. Simply putting it, if these assholes can get some sleep at night imagine what it could do for you. By the way Dreamland is a product name of one of the mattresses.

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Yeah I know...Dreamland is a product name for matresses. They sell them everywhere in the world. That's my point....how come such a brand are willing to associate themselves with such A**holes???

This is tasteless, not according to the tone and manner of the brand. In fact, it's very damaging to the brand, unless this is a scam campaign. Hmmnn....

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Putting a picture of a shaved vagina also gets attention - it doesn't mean it's good advertising. Great illustration/style for an anti-Mugabe poster, but REALLY doesn't work for this at all. Are they telling us (as Get-a-Fix pointed out) that even evil people sleep? Do they use Dreamland? Seems to me that the ad is saying that there is rest for the wicked, and they can get that with Dreamland mattresses. Just because the quote has the word "rest" in it doesn't mean it's right.

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Good example you put it, Bubbles.

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these look fake. like they were put together from stolen stock photography.

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nice art direction but the selling point is quite weird.

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