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how flexible? So what?

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not interesting enough... too dull IMO

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Deepty Arora
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A good one..

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Frane Rectal

you mean... flexible... like rubber band?
and cargo... cargo.... like big 'n' heavy... like... like an elephant?

Most times, enemas used to be a good treat.

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ok so your flexible like a rubber band, yes..i get it..any cargo place can say this, whats the difference between u and them?..by just showing a rubber band and saying your more flexible does nothing to solve that...

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little ok...

| Everartz |

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Guest star

flexible cargo? hmm...
how about an elephant sitting in a ridiculously small cage, giving himself a bj?

"moooh", said the elephant. and jumped down the well.

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You bad bad people, sitting here doing nothing but shitting others work.
Go to work you lazy bums!

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