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(K-fee) campaign is still residing in my memory and im talking about it til i saw this one... now i dont know what to do!! both campaigns rock!!!! germany rules!!!

| Everartz |

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These are vile, the illustrations are so old fashioned. The concept is sound though suppose.

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I think the style adds to the depressive tone.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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I do agree, but i think you can be depressive and grey without using a really old fashioned style.

Although it does make me depressed to think someone got paid for doing them, so I guess they work on that level.

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What's old-fashioned?

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The illustration style, it just looks kind of 90's to me, by a 6th former in the 1990's, it's an old style.

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Very interesting execution. Very memorable.

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What the heck is Sixt? And how will they reward me?

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exactly. i wonder the same thing.

and personally, im getting tired of seeing the "lets use an ilustration to show a exageration" type of ad.

Also this are so negative, that i cant imagine the positive point of sixt.

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didnt get it at all...

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this isn't even funny, look at the guy's big sorrow eyes. arn't we all bored since jerry always kicks tom's sorry ass. this doesn't makes smile.

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Is the Taxi industry the main competitor for this car rental company? In this case, so is getting late for a meeting because you were looking for a parking spot, to park the rental!

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