Sixt rent-a-car: Matthias Reim Case

If I can afford a cabrio, so can you.

Matthias Reim, one of the most successful singers in Germany, is broke. He can still afford a fancy sports car though – thanks to Sixt. And so he has re-recovered his greatest hit, "Verdammt, ich lieb dich" ("Damn it, I love you") "Verdammt, ich hab nix" ("Damn it, I've got nothing")

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Germany
Creative Directors: Wolf Heumann, Peter Kirchhoff
Art Director: Vanessa Rabea Schrooten
Copywriter: Lisa Maria Hartwich
Graphic Designers: Felix Taubert, Lars Borker
Account Supervisors: Ann-Kristin Grohsklaus, Sandra Schymetzki
FFF Producer: Julia Cramer
Programmer: Carlos Wallut
Released: Summer 2007


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borrowed interest, weak idea, shitty photography.
a prime example for why JvM sucks balls.

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If he can afford a Cabrio, I don't want one.

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Simply great

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andrej dwin
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works nice for me.
ex-stars are hot now. check out the recent WK portland work, too.

AdArena: Sex Sells

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ex-celebrities was used in a very fresh way by almap bbdo (brasil) some years ago.,for wolswagen
ok, it was local, and i don't think it won global awrards, maybe these germans didnt see.

(the done crowd)

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jvm is kinda famous for bad puns and old minor celebs being used in this campaign.

it's ball-to-the-groin humour... essentially lazy writing.

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This has got to be the worst art direction I've ever seen on this site.

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