Sixt: Gibsnisch, 2

Campaign for a fictional car hire company that claims to be cheaper and better than Sixt. But that simply doesn’t exist (“Gibsnisch”).

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Elbe Werbeagentur GmbH, Germany
Creative Directors: Wolf Heumann, Timm Hanebeck, Matthias Rauschen, Bernd Kraemer
Art Directors: Martin Besl, Andreas Ruthemann, Sven Loskill
Copywriter: Peter Kirchhoff, Robert Ehlers
Graphic Designers: Vanessa Rabea Schrooten, Peggy Tsalikis, Felix Taubert, Leif Abraham
Photographer: Emir Haveric
Account Executives: Matthias Maurer, Janet Tischer
Production Company: Effekt Etage

June 2008


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hum drum ho hum

Strike two stones with one bird

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I wonder if the copywriter actually speaks german. his grammar is horrible.

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Yes this type of advertising has been done to death..
This is not innovative. Just sex and cars.
Did you not pay attention in a History of Advertising class?
Check out the Pirelli, Porsche and Lamborghini ads of the 80's... Sex chic shot to death..Move along..nothing to see here!

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