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sorry but i don't want to get my and my children's eggs beaten in this theme park.
or did i miss the point?

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I have no idea at all, what this is all about
can someone help me?

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let me take a "crack" at it... we, as patrons, are the eggs, we are protected on the inside of the rides (the wisk), despite being whipped around we won't crack.
now, granted, this is a huge stretch, i don't know why i reached for it because the ad isn't that interesting. at first glance it looks like an ad for some Nigella Lawson products.

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an ad of Six flags Mexico made in colombia? why?

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The war on drugs clearly doesn't work in Bogota.

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Have Heart
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hmmm... a little over the top. while i understand the analogy, i can't quite recommend a direction like this.

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makes no sense whatsoever!

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amigo mio... ta complicado!!!!!!!!

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I thought it was an ad for a whisk?
One glance I thought it as an ad that shows it's a challange to whisk an egg IN a whisk without breaking it, so maybe the challenge is also seen as a thrill?
I don't know what the hell I just typed, but yeah that's just my 2-cents.

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