Sisal Gambling responsibility: Daisy

Playing is fun if you don't push it too far.
Every game has its own rules. But there is one for all: knowing when to stop. Before it is no more fun. Excesses can ruin everything, even the most innocent and safe games. Sisal

Advertising Agency: Grey, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Francesco Emiliani
Head of Art: Francesco Fallisi
Copy Supervisor: Claudia Bavelloni
Art Directors: Francesco Fallisi, Andrea Pioppi
Copywriters: Claudia Bavelloni, Livia Cappelletti
Account Director: Germano Guerriero
Account Executive: Romina Cattaneo
Art Buyer: Virginia Salvucci
Photographer: Giacomo Biagi
Photographer Agent: DV Milano


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Like it. Not sure about the copy.

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Where's the game here?

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the only one that works for me is the first.

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does putting things together as such make it an ad?

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john ler
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Great ! No doubt a poker addict would immediatly relate to such a strong message !


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Roshan Quintus
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can gamblers understand this ? I cant

bite me

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Good text but bad execution..


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oh my god.. can any gambler explain this to me?
must be a gamler thing
I don't get this

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love it

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