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...i don't get it.

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shower drain with a hair.

HanS Brinker has always said: We know were not the best, but we are damn cheap. (targeted at backpackers ect)

I Remember a fun website were half of the content diddent work. right on strategy. and i, as the target, loved it.

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crispy bamby
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ok jennywhx,

we get it that you don't get it. you don't have to leave the same comment on every single print.
it's kinda annoying really.

"i prefer the discipline of knowledge to the chaos of ignorance"

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sorry :P, in fact i was asking anybody could tell me what's the visual about. i thought it is a fastener and a string and i can't link to the product. that's why i say "i don't get it", and sorry i should be typing "can anybody explain this to me?".
sorry for the annoying.

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hans brinker is a very cheap, crappy motel in amsterdam (been there, hated it) - they base their image on being simple, cheap, having no furniture, etc.

their simpleness and confessed crappyness is reflected thru these (imho cool) images.

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oh, jennywhx, the visionary!

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Oh, this is the top! I could bare some broken mugs and chairs, but pubic hair in the shower, beurk!!! Even low budget hotels have to give it a try to clean the showers!