Singapore Tourism Board: Lightboxes

Make yours an all-you-can-eat in 24 hours at

Advertising Agency: BBH, Singapore
Creatives: Steve Elrick, Noel Yeo, Shawn Loo, Evonne Ng, Elena Fletcher
Production: Michelle Tan
Account Management: John Hadfield, Richard Powell, Jonathan Kang
Planning: Fredrik Sarnblad
Production: Michelle Tan, Lesley Chelvan
3D: Serial Cut

July 2011


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In case you're not aware, the lightboxes are shaped as Singapore map. It's part of a whole-year campaign called YourSingapore to promote tourism to Singapore.

I'm not too thrilled but the mere bombarding media space purchase gotta work at some level.


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Ron Burgundy
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i dont see the brain says "f#ck you, go to lunch instead"

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Thanks for that insight, I was about to say it was an 'all you can ad' approach; thanks to the advice of a fellow professional, we now know it had an idea behind it. Nice.

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Dick Swagger
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I think this works more with Singaporeans than the target audience of tourists though. Singaporeans would immediately recognise the outline of Singapore and the implied suggestion that Singapore is a country made for eating and gastronomical delights. Tourists or potential travellers to Singapore may have missed it altogether.

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As a Singaporean I am ashamed that I didn't recognize the outline of the island instantly :/

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