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Nice typeface.

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Painstakingly put together. Good effort from an Ogilvian to carry on the long copy traditon. Keep it up guys!

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It's a long read but not forced at all, and is pretty smooth. What pictures fail to do, words do.

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That is an awesome insight into the stages prior to death. I'm moved. Great work. What a worthy organisation.

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honest, and true. with a tinch of sadness and some hope. much like life. great.

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"The End" is a campaign done by a non-profit here - it works pretty much the same way, although this one is copy-driven. I'm not even going to say this was ripped off - the campaign here was pretty small and concentrated. Just one of those times when the same brilliant idea comes to different people at different times.

But - I like it. Long copy definitely has its place.

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baanke Chauhan
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i can't read all.......

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