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There's a logic problem here. If we're talking about "the simpsons" as in "everyone that's on the show", then why is Apu still here? If we're talking about just The Simpsons family, one family's absence would not cause a whole store to go under. They could have done so much more with this...

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cant get

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i agree with thirty6chambers.
perhaps it would be more convincing to show a skateboard without bart on it.

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got the thing right away though,
headin in the right direction - keep on it

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Its true what "thirty6chambers" says about the logic of these ads... but... I dont care.

Nice stuff, keep it up.

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Nice! Although understanding that all 3 is emphasizing on the fact that no one ain't there cos they're all gone for sale or on sale but there's still something wrong with the logic of Apu putting on a sign of close.

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Dude... I did this idea in Adschool... WAKE THE FUCK UP.. YOU ARE PROFESIONALS!!!!!

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Dense crap. How can you fuck up a Simpsons ad?