Simon Community: Suddenly

Abandoned & Forgotten, Home to street in Weeks, Suddenly redundant.
Homelessness is everywhere this Christmas. Call 014722111 to make a

The sad, abandoned Christmas trees that lie bare and cold on our streets are a powerful metaphor to remind the public that homelessness is everywhere, especially at Christmas.

Advertising Agency: Irish International BBDO, Dublin, Ireland
Creative Director: Eoghan Nolan
Art Director: Kirk Bannon
Copywriter: Di Tansey
Photographer: Trevor Hart

December 2009


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Good Work! I liked all three Ads.

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There's certainly an idea here. I'm just not sure it's tied together yet. Maybe I'm just missing it and someone can explain it to me. I know that the discarded christmas tree represents a homeless person during the holidays. Maybe the tagline isn't tying it all together? I don't know...there's something...

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daniel ieraci
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I was thinking the same thing. It feels a bit disconnected, I didn't get it right away that the Christmas Tree was representing homeless people. It needed that added description below the piece to help me understand it which, to be honest, makes the piece fail in my opinion.

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I love logo

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i too


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Nice and original idea. Good work.

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