Silver Snail: Superbat

Silver Snail Comics & Collectibles
Halloween Party
Come in disguise


Advertising Agency: Cheil, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Joe Mussico
Art Directors: Donald Vann, Laura Kitching, Helene Larochelle
Copywriters: Tom Mednick, Scott Lew, Jason Partridge
Graphic Designer: Joe Borges
Photographer: Alex Lukey

October, 2012


DaAvitar's picture
198 pencils

dont like any of em......

Pombooie's picture
407 pencils

These have got SCAM written all over them. In this execution the extraneous plastic loop used for storing the masks on in-store racks is still attached to the top of the mask.

Nufleg's picture
64 pencils

Considering the (unusual) brief I think these work well.

The fact that 'real' super-heroes buy crappy plastic masks to come in disguise to a Comics and Collectible parties has a bit of humour to it and should appeal to people that would actually go to a Comics and Collectible Halloween party.

Spanky's picture
4899 pencils

Obvious scam ads. Super hero costumes are trademarked. They would have needed Marvel and D.C. Comic's permission to run these.

jimkuz's picture
410 pencils

Wether scam or not -- I think these are very cool ads, cool idea, cool simple design -- I like em a lot

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