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This doesnt works for me.
Both, kids and dogs, can have a strong jaw or teeth.
But the kid is a kid and the dog is an animal.
Thumbs Down

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original for toothpaste.

student brief

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Bah! The concept has been done too many times... and children won't start to bite everyone just because they have strong teeth. They would smile, instead! :D

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totally agree.

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agree, they would smile and dance and enjoy their smile and smile even more.
only kids with ugly teeth bite people.

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Kids do bit on everything! :)

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not my cup of tee

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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This would only work for me if the copy said something about the kid 'teething', when it's known that kids are constantly chewing on things.

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shouldnt it say "beware of the kid" instead of beware of kid.

Intersting look at toothpaste, i like the thought but i know for a fact that this wasnt done for the Egyptian market, first it would be in arabic and second there are only stray dogs in egypt.

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Dick Huges
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Beware of the bad ads.

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Gary Larson did it 12 years ago

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so this is where the inspiration came from. awesome.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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You're absolutely right!
Only it was "Beware of Doug".

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LOL! i remember that one!

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wow i thought it was going to say beware of dog because it looks like a beware of dog sign and then i read the end and it said kid and i was like omfg wtf happened brilliant lol i see what u did there. uh, what i meant was, this shit is horrendous.

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Corona Raymaker
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ridicule. crétins!


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i could think similar at ninth grade.. whats the big deal..

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

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justpassingby had a previous comment (see JWT Johannesburg's 'Kleenex' submission) about the ad not reflecting the country. strange that I don't see a comment from him here about Arabic being the predominant language spoken in Egypt. Perhaps this ad is not truly reflecting Egyptian culture by not running in Arabic. Besides, I doubt the Signal target audience in Egypt would get this. Dogs are viewed as incredibly dirty in Arabian culture, so the client would NEVER allow a piece of communication with a reference to dogs - even by alluding to it by changing "Dog" to "Kid".

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