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new age advertisier

from my heart and soul...i love this campaign.

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I like it too. I think the lines are effective enough to open people's eyes in Georgia. Anyway, I'm for any activity that can stop any mthrf*kers from ruining our nature in order to make their filthy pockets full.

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This campaign doesn't try to be the most creative, but it's so to the point. Great work!

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Both Sides of t...
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I like this though I wonder whether the copy could have read a little better. Of course, that is just my 2 pence.

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I love the lines but I am not sure about the art direction.

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Akbar Amaru

Copy driven ad, like the good ol' days... i like it.

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These are very down-to-earth (art direction, line) but I guess that's exactly what they need to be. Well done.

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nice idea, but the art direction is very 1980's.


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Very nice. Go the long copy campaign.

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