Leave your comfort, go to an art gallery.

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Tarkan Barlas
Art Director: Murat Göktürker
Copywriter: Tarkan Barlas
Photographer: İlkay Muratoglu
Account Director: Ezgi Baripoglu
Account Manager: Selcan Soncul
Agency Producer: Kerem Ilbeyli
Published: April 2010

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mmm i dont like

Blashyrkh's picture
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Ok at least this tells something. But that line...

Don Rapper's picture
Don Rapper
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hahaha if i slam my tv with sledgehammer, maybe i need to go to the shrink instead

atb2005's picture
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Go to an art gallery? Which one? ANY gallery? We are talking about some art exhibition here, I think, that Siemens is sponsoring, yet these ads tell us nothing about it. Visuals, totally unrelated to the exhibition or art in general, are uninspired and uninteresting. They do support the badly translated (leave your comfort) copy, but still. I'm all about originality, but sometimes, when misapplied or too much, it can backfire.

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scarface's picture
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If you challenge me to leave my comfort!!, i will be expecting something more uncomfortable than an art gallery. If i go to an art gallery, i´m trying to change my routine, not leaving my comfort. People don´t think that an art gallery is uncomfortable. They think It´s boring. So, thanks to you, people thinks that an art gallery it´s not only boring, but also uncomfortable.

Now, even if that phrase it´s ok, and it´s a translation mistake... Leave your comfort, go to an art gallery, it also works with: go for a walk, do some excercise, go for a trip, go to the movies, go buy a new tv, go to the moon, go to the bathroom, etc, etc.

May be you should start thinking in what i get if i go to an art gallery, and not in what i have to do to go to an art gallery. After all, you r talking to people who doesn´t go to art galleries.

whatthefudge's picture
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What? So it's uncomfortable to visit an art gallery? And do I really have to smash my TV with a sledgehammer?

Adaddicted's picture
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"this is called reality show"


cibo's picture
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mmmmmmmmm so what?

samanjayasundara's picture
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it's not a solution

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