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well... nothing.

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Wonderful illustrations; nicely reflect the Itasian culture :-)

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If you think of it, the concept is nothing original. They mixed two things, one Italian and one Japanese.
But I like the fact they incorporated the Vespa in a painting, instead of just showing a Japanese man on a Vespa. It's a very nice execution.
Sometimes the big idea is in the execution.

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You are right that the concept is nothing original. I was actually going to say that in my first post. Sometimes, however, simple "unoriginal" things work best.

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Good sense of the illustration, Concept very '90: two things mixed up.
But the result is charming.

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ek kanya
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good to see well art-directed ad. these days most people seem to be getting away from print.

am an advertising junkie | read my flog at

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Two mixed things..
Very lazy, very basic.

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it is simple and effective, with a lovely art direction. not the greatest of ideas, alright, but who cares?
thumbs up.

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There are times when a splendidly achieved pastiche is way better than something "all new." Nice capture of trademark look/style with a splash of dry humor.

That's it.

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best in this campaign, the Vespa is more typically Italian than just soccer

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well... nothing.