Show Off Films: Wolf

Because there are already enough ways to kill your idea.

Illustrator: Scott C.

Advertising Agency: Fuel Lisbon, Portugal
Creative Directors: Pedro Bexiga
Art Director: Pedro Bexiga
Copywriter: Marcelo Lourenço
Retoucher: SniperShot

November 2008


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very cute campaign

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nice one!

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john doe
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love it.
reminds me on my daily business.

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every creative should love these! really good work.

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I like these quite a lot. :) Now where's the "focus group/testing" execution?

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Very nice stuff! Like it a lot

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Thinking time is gud and art to. Liking ad is a statement for this.
Liking nice.

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Love it!!
very nice

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I'm just dropping this lines to tell you that I don't give a fuck about what you all have to say about a concept, an execution or a copy line.

Your shitty commentaries and stupid arguing are a lose of time.

Fucking pricks.

ps. AOTW should be restricted for real ad people only.

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1. You're a coward hiding behind anonymity.
2. If you don't give a fuck, as you claim, why did you bother to 'drop this (sic) lines'.
3. Your shitty commentary is a 'lose(sic) of time' in itself. I'm typing this in the hope that ivan will remove guest comment function for the x-th time.
4. You're the first to start swearing fucking prick. Confessing something?

ps. AOTW should be restricted for people willing to register only.

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john doe
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you mean restricted for coward, immature, offending, unconstructive dorks like you?
think there are other websites where you can b.s.

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your idea to restrict the traffic at aotw is really welcome dear guest comm.
that's the only way to keep lesser mortals like you lightmiles away.
and how come you suggest Ivan to remove the guest-commentator part??!!your comments(sic)are under the same bunch of people who might not be registered because of various reasons, but are extremely honest, extremely passionate about advertising - why should we (as i myself am unregistered at aotw... but i vow to register when the opportunity to spare time and do everything properly) suffer because of a sick guy like you.

tirthawnker mitroe
crtv. dir.
hi.q. creative communicables, india.

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My commentary is that I like the concept, execution and copy line on this one.

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Nice campaign, but reminds me that one from DDB Canada.

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i love this. I feel like being torn to pieces by hungry wolves everyday!

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Shanty Mathew
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Nice series. (That's with a capital 'N'.)

"A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself." - David Ogilvy

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You haven't spelled it out enough. (sarcasm)

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Well done!

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Simplicity is always best.

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"dont kill your ideas right away, they cant defend themselves" etc.
well done

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