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Blessilda Mok
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Seen that, done that.

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You've done that? Please share!

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I love how everyone on here is like "Oh come on, give me a break, I had that in my student book." But yet no one ever posts all this glamorous award-winning work they've done...

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Yep, I wanna see your version too.

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Activity Score 86

You can't even walk your talk.

hang-the-dj's picture
Activity Score 1262

You talkin' to me?

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Yeah mister hot creative! funny thing we never saw yours.... Or was it shitty enough and didn't make it to fame?

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its really good.coz when u see it u feel like; yeh it can be the way it is. but when ur in procedure or you feel urself blank u cant think always in the same strikeing manner.

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I'm sorry, but i don't understand what you're trying to say.

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ewe! what are you a drunk surgeon? what r u trying to tell us?

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sorry done not by me but done by a lot of others a million times. stop lifting ideas. you might as well break into the cannes office and steal some awards..

go through you'll find it there.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Activity Score 172

Sorry, but this is not the same idea. It is better and a more clever observation than the others on coloribus.

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I like it. Even if it's been done before. An in that case, I like the original too.

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Bill Luz

Done, done and done!!! Come on guys, tell me something about the product than just play with the cigarettes. My friend had this Ad 10 years. Its there, have a look:

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Activity Score 1262

Didn't see it on the link dude.

Man, there are some haters out today.

I haven't seen this before so I like it.

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Activity Score 55

este si esta mejorcito vef

buena simon

tis is a ad no is de ad

p1t's picture

layout shadow suck

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Activity Score 64

Shotgun is best of the 3...can't say the same for the other 2 though...those who claim it has been done cannot provide proof against the shotgun though.

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Activity Score 852

this is fuckin good


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jon moreno

haist.. thats it?

errr.. im not a professional in this line of work, but i really like to evaluate advertising arts. So pls excuse my thoughts.

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Ok, I'm looked at these links you all are posting and yes, there is a similarity. I can not deny that, but the idea is a great one. And it is not the same. A star and a cross symbol on a cigarette does not make it the same. In fact, I think the way it was "re-done" as you all are saying it has been done here, is better, cleaner and a quicker GET. The illustration one with the tallys crossed out, I haven't seen that one. And it still is a quick GET.

We're supposed to be giving good criticism. If you don't like the ad, that's okay. But give reasons and then propose questions to the submitter of the ad on how to look at the problem they were trying to solve in a more creative way. For example, Did you try to use other symbols of smoking like an ash tray, or whatever?

The point is: Be constructive not mean.

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WITH YOU ALL THE WAY. There's way too much meaness on here.

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Activity Score 278

can I say a joke?
the copy is superb.
they say that "it is a shotgun"!! (where?)

Saidu Karinga
The Idiot

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Fahed GN

very nice .........

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Good ad. As the others.

Rog's picture
Activity Score 6082


>>>> Go Power >>>>

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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...long time no see

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Activity Score 369

Very Nice.

....Method in Madness....'s picture
Activity Score 1021

so simple but so great.
but the shadow is a little over the top.

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Just because someone has done an anti-smoking ad with a cigarette as the main visual before, doesn't make this an old idea. Shit I've done car ads with just a car and a headline...Does that mean I've ripped off Bill Bernbach?
The argument about this ad, as nice as it looks, should be about how emotive it is. Does it change perceptions? I think not.

Guest's picture

maybe it's okay for you to rip off bill bernbach. i think it's wrong.
this ad is kinda nice though. haven't seen it before. the visual's a tad too forced but it's okay.

Guest's picture

great! I love it

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vinod gajghate
Activity Score 2

so simple but so great thought behind.
ggod execution
but the shadow is spoiling the scene.

i like it, great...

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Guest commenter

yo this is so sad. i was lookin for a pic for my science project and i actually see all of you getting worked up about some stupid pic. get a life faggots

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The only reason I found this site is for a paper I have to do. I can't believe there are so many losers that get off to this shit.

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