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looks more like an ad for durex or viagra.

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AXE (:

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Can anybody explains the ad to me. May be someone from watermelon.
That would be the right thing before commenting

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I would guess what they meant to say is:
Sex olympics. Boundless energy to perform.
Which is not that bad.

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having sex with 4 women is an olympic performance you mean

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Ivan, wasnt a forum topic submitted that was the exact same thing?

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I can't recall... but it's possible.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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I guess I get that it's a spin on the Olympic logo, but only because it's in your title (not in the actual ad.) As it is, this reminds me of the Axe ads - all the girls on a guy. In short, it's not working.

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Jarne von Wolfsburg
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* * * * *

one of many many many ideas for axe. not really worth to mention.

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yes, axe was my immediate take away from this ad, the actual product is completely forgetable.

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Waste of money, well not for axe.

Jonathan Betancur

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thats an orgy

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i thought this was an axe ad. they missed that cliché.

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I did a similar idea a month back … for Think Negative brief, by Dainik Bhaskar News House…

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vikru, when an ad gets comments as the ones this ad is getting here... maybe it's me, but if I were you i wouldn't say i made something like that... hahhaa :)

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soooooooooooo bad.

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Wow negative nancies! Drink this and perform like an olympian. Shag 4 women at a time, or one after the other, or go four rounds... interpretation is up to you but this is definitely not as bad as you guys make it out to be. Weakness might be in executing a full campaign, and the sexist overtone but as a stand alone ad, it's not bad at all.

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