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Yawn... nothing new.

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great ad, good art direction....

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The typography doesn't denote "strong" to me. Nor does it really say "hair." It sort of says, "Hey, someone wrote on this ad."

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tight ad. gotta echo kyle's thoughts here, though. the typography could be much, much better (and more clear).

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strong concept. a tough one to execute, maybe. took me a while to get the funda that the shoelace was replaced by a strand of hair. it is so, right?

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dude, that's a clear ad. why are you so unsure. if anything, it's the typo that's been neglected. no thought went into the typo at all. i'm not sure if this is an indian ad, but most indian ads screw up on typography. when will it dawn that fonts speak a language too, that fonts have character too?

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According to credits it is Polish.

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The typo is bad. But I appreciate that the team tried to do something different. It's a process. It's a process.

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Yawn... nothing new.

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MADE in the USA
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Nice demonstration of strength.
From the point of view of the art I think copy is unnecessary.

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In my opinion the copy is necessary. The product packshot dont say the benefit of the produtct: make you hair stronger.
I agree the typo is weak, but maybe the AD wanted to represent the hair with it.

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oh no.... Logical fallacy. My hair is so strong and i never think it could be droped. But i don't know if you have cut it.

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not bad but.... have some problems think... think... what is you lost this ads

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The concept is good but the execution could be stronger. I think using a work boot would demonstrate even STRONGER hair. I'm one for white space but this ad is too 'washed out' for trying to sell strength. I would've gone with a different typeface, much bolder but just very small right next to the shampoo.

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i think the similar concept have been done before. The one with the dog jaw being strapped with a string of hair.

This one? well..i think the idea is clear enough without the copy attached to it.

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nice...crisp n clear....