Shock and Soul: Shop

Silk Dress
Coming Soon
Shock and Soul
Vintage Clothing

Advertising Agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe / Y&R London, UK
Creative Directors: Mark Roalfe, Damon Collins
Art Director / Copywriter: Joe Fitzgerald, Kim Hutcheson
Photographer: John Short
Typographer: Ryan Self

June 2010


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Oh man. This is a ripper. Love it.

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This is a sad, sad, sad ad. As funny as A Clockwise Orange. Morals aside (although it is hard to do so), who would buy from them? Jesus.

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oh get over yourself. this is funny.

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It's offensive, low standard of humour. And this is coming from someone in ownership of dark and dry wit. Very disappointed, I normally like this agency's work too..

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Love it!

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interesting ad.

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Deeply offensive. Wit doesn't compensate for morally vacuity of this level.

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Hilarious... look death in the face and laugh.

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no, you are looking at someone else's death and laughing. big difference.

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'look death in the face and laugh'

LOL. best line evah

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i don understand why some people are offended by this ad.

its funny, it really is, a bit sad but funny. thats reality.

plus, im really tired of seeing over-the-top-hot-models-who-normal-people-can-never-be, in fashion ads.

change is good, and this shit is funny.

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what is funny? that you will be able to buy that dead ladies dress soon? i find this ad lame.
Even made me for the first time in my life to even think that vintage clothings might be of dead people, not just warn out.

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it doesn't have to be the dress she's wearing, but the one's in her closet or something. u get the point...

and ma8 u are taking the message way too literal and serious. jus enjoy the funny part..

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It mocks elderly people as nothing but clothes racks for ironic kids.

Post a pic of your grandmother so we can laugh at her and talk about what we will do with her clothes once she's dead. Hopefully soon. Get it?

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truly agreed

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'this shit is funny'
you said it :)

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i thought its quite risky, i liked it, lots.

"It mocks elderly people as nothing but clothes racks for ironic kids. " - that seems a bit depressing and sad, i dont see this ad like that :s

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it really makes you look, but that's insulting, too

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these are not great at all, and somehow those creatives cannot think of any better for the brief. so sad

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Its disturbing. In a good way!

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On balance, this is a clever campaign that isn't afraid to raise the hackles of the people who get offended by it. I think they probably avoided censure by the UK's advertising body because of the client's name. If the same campaign was run for Oxfam, or a similar charity shop, it would cause outrage and never see print. But it's for 'vintage' rather than 'second-hand' or 'charity' clothes. So however much it might rankle, it's been positioned for its audience, with a tongue-in-cheek cruelty that is no doubt excused as 'part of the brand's modern and ironic youthfulness.' Still cruel though, but I like it.

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