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Activity Score 617

even better. smart of them...

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Good Campaign!

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But Mike, it's mildly amusing! ;)

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De Qasim
Activity Score 61

What is this.....Its not comfortable to understand.......

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there is more inside it than you think there is, like the boat.
comfortable now?

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De Qasim
Activity Score 61

Yes i understand but i think Clients need 100 years to understand

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ahhhhhh ... i'm too very slow... my initial look at it was that someone on the boat was eating it (since it has the google mapish location pointy thinggy) and couldn't get why everything was sliced ... but it all make sense now :)

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Activity Score 288

I agree. That pointer makes you think it's a person eating it. If they made a little change to that it would be a lot more clear.

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Activity Score 617

nice idea, even better execution and really standing out in the category

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Yes, nice execution exept they didn't make all those illustrations. I have a book I bought like 15 ago years about different structures and how they are inside, and these illustrations and a lot more came on that book. I guess they are paying for using them anyway...

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Activity Score 617

even better. smart of them...

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besides, it's quite an illustration...
i think it's a fresh concept, interesting to look at, and you can tell there's a lot of thought behind this idea.

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Ads like this are cannes winners for sure. I love the concept, art direction, it´s fresh... but I´m not sure if common people will understand them so easy, and the most important, they really will get connection to the idea and will buy them? I repeat, I´m not sure...

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::singing:: "I wanna live like common people, I wanna do whatever common people do."