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Too vague...

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I actually really like these. It is a bit of a stretch, but it has that, "OH!... I get it... hahaha" moment.

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Jason Hanky
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Please don't tell me this is about the light/shine coming from the shoe. Because if it is, it really is too vague.

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don't know how to explain why it just doesn't work for me. nice idea, tho

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It doesn't work for you but you like the idea? Now that's something you probably can't explain either.

Too stretched for me. Didn't even recognize Jack The Ripper without the title.

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David Hasselblad
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I really don't get it. OK so the characters are lit from below. So it's the light reflecting off the shoe? Then what does Jack the Ripper have to do with it? Somebody please explain.

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Jason Hanky
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The only reason I can offer is the ads have the look of the silent movie era which ended in 1928. Exactly 80 years ago when they started making Shinola. But what silent movies have to do with this I have no idea.

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Don't think the connection is with silent films but with horror characters. I still don't get it. The mummy wore no shoes and neither of them is afraid of light or shine or whatever, somebody help!


I think, therefore... yeah.

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Maybe a vampire in a coffin would have helped! Like how they melt with bright light n stuff! This campaign feels like theres something in the idea...but its not quite there. And the silent movies - 80 years - horror characters...too many stories at the same time!

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David Hasselblad
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Yeah I was thinking something about vampires not being visible in mirrors... But that's not it either.

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couldn't get to the shining thing without reading the comments, and jack looks more like pierrot le fou.

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