fifthbullet's picture
188 pencils

not sure whether it work or not but i like the idea behind this... campaign i mean

copywriter.txt's picture
828 pencils

Nice Art Direction. And for me this is the best line of the series.

life_joke's picture
103 pencils

the entire campaign's, like, highly impressive. .. i mean, like, it's so way sexy. i, like, would've
loved doing this one, like, myself. far out maaan... like, so oh wow! way to go maaan!

kre8's picture
989 pencils

like, good campaign, like.

Have Heart's picture
Have Heart
922 pencils

One of the best campaigns I've seen here recently!

ellehcimeo's picture
3522 pencils

the copy is kickin'. pretty art direction too.

copycomoelcopi's picture
822 pencils

pretty funny!

chintan ruparel's picture
chintan ruparel
1516 pencils

hehehe, cool.... amazing copy!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

Cooxie's picture
124 pencils

I don't agree. I find the copy not so great on these 3 ads. Any stressful situation could have been written. Having 'penis' and 'testicle' doesn't make it better. The concept is just based on the line anyway, it's visually poor. I mean, not bad, but the art direction doesn't add any value to it.

copywriter.txt's picture
828 pencils

How the art do not add value? Shiatsu it's about relaxation and for me the art say this clearly.
And having 'penis', 'testicle', 'ass', 'vagina', 'or else' on a copy i always good. How many clients do you know that aprove an ad with this kind of word?

mikelite's picture
1031 pencils

any client that didn't pay for the creative.

mikelite's picture
1031 pencils

yeah, i agree. the first & third rely too heavily on the cock jokes. they could've told better stories.

Corona Raymaker's picture
Corona Raymaker
549 pencils

I love these 3! ^^

roman-schwienbacher.com's picture
1021 pencils

absolument super fantastic, royal genial..

love it !!!!!

Corona Raymaker's picture
Corona Raymaker
549 pencils

I agree with ... you ^^

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