Sherwin-Williams: Pink

Advertising Agency: McKinney, Durham, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Cude
Group Creative Director: Ellen Steinberg
Art Directors: John Hagerty
Copywriters: Jenny Nicholson
Director of Broadcast: Regina Brizzolara
Senior Producer: Naomi Newman
Photographer: Craig Cutler
Art Buyer: Kellie Bingman
Print Producer: Lauren March
Retoucher: Stacy Evans
Studio Artist: Matt Wood
Published: April 2009


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Interesting premise. Copy is very funny. The type is a little lacking for me though.

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Heh. Nice copy. Like Corndog, not sure about the very horizontal layout of the text, but hey, I'm a writer not an art director.

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Cute concept. Considering how long they've been working the "Ask Sherwin Williams" slogan, this is a nice, fun variation.

- Jeff

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to the point

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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Lovely lovely. Damn good for a paint. Loved it.

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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Nicely written copy.

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Copy = great. Art = not

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good to see such copy ads. well executed too.

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Why does Jane look different from Jack, Sherwin-Williams?

Feed on challenges

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The copy is awesome. You're rewarded for actually reading the copy, which I think people would in this case. And the art direction is simple, as it should be in a copy-driven campaign. Well done.

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so let me get this straight: you fall in love. you paint a room together. and then you're so joyously happy that you used the right tools and got good advice from a paint store, you have sex and make babies.

seems plausible.

here's the next headline:

ask sherwin-williams how to run a totally contrived ad campaign.

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Nice copy

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